Initiation Night

Meet the BG’s!

(Minus 4) who will be hazed for not attending inaugural dinner. 🙂

Our Mascot “Take the Bull by the Horns”

Patty Collins

As “Million Dollar Baby”

Kat Holroyd

As Lara Croft “LC”

Lisa Carter

As “Anastasia” DeCobray

Tracy Graebener

As Beatrix Kiddo “Trixie”

Tina Schultz

As GI Jane

Heather Silman

As “Scout” Finch

Suzy Houtz

As Erin Brokovitch “Brock”

Stacy Hopkins

As Sarah Connor “The Terminator”

Initiation Night

The word “Initiation” conjours up so many feelings. When I think back on my initiations into different groups I remember having felt both terrified and excited! I wanted that mix of emotions again. Sometimes when we “grow up” we lose a little bit of our adventurous spirit.

Some may argue that being married and having kids is more than enough adventure. Yes, I would say that raising a family is a WILD ride. But, I also know that challenging yourself, especially with a group of fabulous girlfriends, is something to be treasured.

There is something I call the “Longwood Phenomena.” When you are a Longwood COLLEGE graduate you never truly grow up. The friendships that were formed in the midst of “common source” parties and crowded dining hall tables are both silly and serious. Tonight, I found myself listening to the conversations around the inaugural table and laughing at the sometimes ridiculous tone of our conversations. Are we really all in our mid to late thirties? If we were being watched by outsiders I think we would have received a straight up “21.” Word! There is something to be said about nurturing your college friendships. They keep you young. That being said; at the same table I heard the same women speak about their husbands and children with a glow and happiness that no amount of “adventure” could emulate.

So…basically the idea behind this group was the desire to stretch ourselves beyond our comfort zone…to try new things with old friends… meet some new friends and bring out our inner
“hypo-phobic bad girl.” Check, Check, Check…

March 21st marks the day of our first adventure!

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