Adventure # 3 – Zipline Down Bryce Mountain

What a day! My hands were seriously trembling before Lisa let us know where we were going. I had an idea of what she had planned and I was correct! You would think I would be more prepared, but for some reason the words of “We are going on a zipline course!” sent me into full panic mode. Tracy G. was the only one of us that had done this before and she assured us when we were getting harnessed that there was nothing to be nervous about this time. Hmm….I turned to Kelly, showed her my SHAKING hands, and think I may have said, “rkmfdsnioa???” In non-panic language that should have sounded more like, “Really?”

It was a beautiful ride to Bryce. Suzy’s family used to live on the mountain so she took us on a lovely journey of winding roads. I was a bit carsick, but was lucky to have Patty next to me asking me about every two minutes if I was ok. LOL. The trips to the adventures have been some of my most cherished times with the girls. I love to find out about their husbands, kids, work. Just when you think you may have nothing to else to learn about the women you have been friends with for over 18 years, someone will say, “did I ever tell you about?….”

The other car, I am sure, felt the same way. Some of the girls in Stacy’s car have only just begun their friendships, but I am so sure they are at the beginning of life-long friendships. Something about conquering your fears, I think! Sooooo…..on to the fear.
SIDE note: Stacy drives like a bat out of hell. Seriously.
Our guides reminded me of a bunch of Longwood SPES. Easy going, longish hair and there for a good time. When the “SPE Boys” were telling us about the adventure that we were about to embark on I half expected Pat Mcgee to come around the corner with his guitar. Being married to one of those easy going, used to have longish hair, there for a good time SPE boys I felt we were in good hands.

Poor Tina was still getting suited up as they explained how to brake and the essentials of legs up and no spinning. That advice was the exact OPPOSITE of the advice that was given by Helen in Adventure Two. 🙂 Anyway, Tina came around the corner just as they said, “Ok, everyone ready.” She was so calm. I would have most likely said, “Umm…Back up boys.”

So we were off! We were treated to a chairlift ride up the mountain. It looks so different riding up one of those things with grass under you instead of snow. When we got to the top we were told to JUMP and RUN! As we walked up to the first platform most of us backed away from the challenge of going first. If memory serves me correctly, Heather was the brave one. It was a short little line and we all went one by one. I think I may have asked one of the guides if the lines get any higher or longer. He may have laughed in my face. I blocked that.

About 4 more lines down we all met up and waited for everyone. We walked to a beautiful spot where the picture at the top of this post was taken of all of us. I think it was Stacy that said we should all do the same pose and that is what we came up with….thumbs up! We are so original!

I think it was also at this point that the guides told us to be weary of spiders and snakes. Pinky Guide decided it was a great time to tickle our Tina with a stick. Her face was hilarious. It was also the time when all of us decided to freak out a little bit about ticks. We are crazy. Hanging from a teeny tiny zipline and all we were worried about were ticks.

We were all having so much fun and I loved hearing the screams of everyone down every line. Ok, maybe just a couple of us screamed. Everyone was just so happy to be together that I think we all felt nothing could take us down….

Until I didn’t make it to one of the platforms that just happened to be on the HIGHEST darn line and had to be rescued. As described in our training session I would have to get “intimate” with one of the guides during the rescue. I was embarassed, but let’s be honest if we had to vote at the beginning who would get stranded and need to be rescued I fear it would be a landslide vote.

So, in conclusion, our dear Lisa could not have planned a more exciting adventure. I feel like walls are being knocked down every time we are together. So what wall will we be facing next? Only Heather knows and she’s not telling! Stay tuned!
I will continue to upload everyone on the line as I receive the photos!


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