Adventure #4-Surfing

I think that this adventure had all of us more nervous than past adventures. Maybe, because none of us had a real idea of what it could possibly be!? Swimsuits in September? Seriously?
             Here are the Top Ten Reasons Why Going Surfing in September is a good idea!

Number 10: Extending the Summer

Realizing that we would all have to put on our bathing suits ONE more time was pretty much an adventure in itself.  Once we got over the shock of it and realized that we were going SURFING…we were all thrilled.  I think we made ourselves sick trying to think of what Tina had in store for us.  How many things can you do in a bathing suit?  Well, it was all too much for us, especially for Patty, who threw up in her mouth.
Number 9: Our Newest Recruit Maryhelen
We knew Maryhelen was going to be an absolute trip and would add even more laughter to our already ridiculously funny tribe.  If you have never heard MH do an impression of her husband Sam, I highly recommend you find her and beg for it.  When we asked, “Does Sam think you sound like him?” Her answer, in “his voice” was, “I don’t sound like that Maryhelen.”  So funny. She will also tell you about gray hair and why it is sad, she will insist she is not going to buy anything and then with crazy eyes try to convince you that if you don’t buy this Harry and David coffee you may just die.  On top of it, she had the best run on the surfboard that day!  WELCOME MH!  We love you!

Number 8: Maternity wear without the morning sickness

I went into full panic mode when I realized I left my suits on vacation and needed to run to Target to get a cheapie one for our ADVENTURE.  When I arrived all that was left were maternity suits. Well, I bought it and I wore it.  I still wonder if our instructors wondered and were just to scared to ask knowing I had only one lung and all? 
Number 7: Chocolate covered nuts

Yum. Thanks, Tina!  You were an awesome Adventure guide! “I smell them and I have to eat them.” That is what Helen says, anyway.

Number 6: The Checks and Public Nudity

There were a couple of us that had no need to check, but for the rest of my blessed adventurers, the mandatory “look-sees” after being thrashed about in the ocean were hilarious.  And the girls that could care less that they were in a public parking lot, they just wanted out of their stinkin’ sandy suits.  I salute you.

Number 5: Men named Peter who live up to the hype
On the way down we were daydreaming about Peter, our surfing instructor.  Would he remind us of a young SPE or would he be 60 in a speedo?   He lived up to the hype, as did his even younger friend.  But, the illusion of perfection was lost when we realized they were strolling behind us on our mile walk while we carried all the gear, in our bare feet, without sunglasses.  I still feel like they were walking behind us with all of our money in their pockets laughing and mouthing the word “suckers.” Whatev…they were adorable and didn’t for a second give Tracy a break because she only has one kidney. 

Number 4: Sweet Spots
Our “training” consisted of a one minute surfside explanation that it is key to find your “sweet spot” on the board, followed by a quick rundown of “popping.”  Then the boys let us know we were ready.  Say what?  The water will be cold, but just muscle through.  There was NO turning back.  We all jumped on our boards,
found our sweet spot and hit the shark infested waters. 

Number 3: Popping
Popping is hilarious.  It is supposed to be done in one fluid movement.  All of us decided to change that to a jagged like movement.  Push with our hands, onto our knees and then if there is time jump onto our feet….oops no time!  I am pretty sure all of us made it up at least once, though.

Number 2: Road Trips
The road trips, and I know I say this a lot, are my favorite times. I know that what is said in the car….stays in the car.  It is fantastic, cheap therapy!

Number 1: Different Strokes

The reason why our group works so well is not because of the ways we are the alike, but how in the many ways we are different.  We have the three “scaredy cats“, who in my opinion are myself, Patty and Tina. We are scared of absolutely every adventure planned, but somehow with the help of the others do it anyway.  We have the “pro“, Tracy, who by the way has already done EVERYTHING this world has to offer.  We have the “no fears“, Maryhelen, Kelly and Suzy.  Those girls, I don’t think, will ever walk away from anything that we plan. Lastly, we have Lisa, Stacy and Heather, the “tell it like it is gals“…and trust me when I say we need these brave girls and their ability to say “this ranch dressing sucks, can you bring us out something else?”
Every month I am so grateful that I have these girls and feel like my life is enriched because of our friendship and definately more EXCITING!  Here is to us!  We are awesome. 
Next month: Patty. Socks Optional.

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