Adventure #7-Ice Cold Paintball

The waiting never gets any easier.  This time it was torture.  I have a confession to make….I ALWAYS spend a few hours researching based on the vague clues our planner gives and up until now I have had a pretty good idea what the adventure will be prior to the reveal.  Not this time…

Heather wouldn’t even tell us the cost.  She only warned that we should wear lots of layers because we will be outside.  When I asked if pretty panties were required she came back with a cryptic “always.”  I thought it might be some sort of ZTA snow bunnies polar plungie type of adventure.  So guess what I did…I wore my cutest little butterfly undergarments, just in case.  This is how literal a person I am.  Tina has the ability to hear things and know it is sarcasm.  She wore “the most comfortable ones she could find.”  Stacy thought it was all a big hoax and just knew that we were going to be taking part in some sort of bikram yoga (hot yoga) so she came dressed in short sleeves and one layer of yoga pants.  Thank goodness Stacy is a generous soul and had a bag of clothes in her trunk for goodwill. She was able to layer up for what proved to be our coldest adventure yet.  White Water Rafting in March had nothing on Paintballing in January. 

I look at this picture and just laugh at the sight of us.  Never has a picture of us been so transparent.  It truly captures the spirit of each of us. 

From left to right my gangstas disscected:

Patty: I can’t look at the expression on her face and not laugh hysterically.  She looks so focused and tough, but pan down to her pink shoes and you will catch a glimpse of the real Patty. She is at times a screamer, but to be honest she is much tougher than those pink shoes convey.  She is our real life Elle Woods. Sweet, happy, but full of go get ’em.  Her Gangsta name would be Pink Killa.

Suzy: Look at that sweet face trying so desperately to be gangsta, but unable to completely erase her smile.  She works tirelessly with children everyday that are incredibly lucky that she is on her side. She is one of those people that just completely makes your day when you see her and always brings the sunshine with her. Her laugh is contagious.  Her gangsta name would be Sunshine Smuggla.

Tracy: Tracy knows everything.  And I am not saying that with an ounce of sarcasm in my voice.  She truly has done everything and knows so much about the world.  When Kelly got slammed with a paintball to the head she turned to her and said, “you’ll be ok, but don’t take a nap for at least 3 hours.”  She listens intently when you talk and remembers everything you tell her.  Her gangsta name would be Doctor Love.

Maryhelen:  Look at her ankles.  She cracks me up with her one liners that she doesn’t realize are funny until everyone laughs.  She may weigh less than my big toe, but she is as strong as an ox and she continues to wow us with her ability to excel at every challenge.  She is such an appreciative friend who takes the time to call or text when she is thinking of you out of the blue.  Her gangsta name would be Tiny Bigs.

Stacy:  Stacy is no joke.  She is always ready for battle.  She tells it like it is and when put in difficult situations ALWAYS rises to the occasion.  Take for instance today…She spent quite a bit of time making jokes about our paint “balls” only to later find out our instructor was a formal student.  Didn’t even faze her…she is a power playa.  She is also so spiritual and giving.  Her gangsta name would be Sugar Nailz.

Kathleen:  It is tough to describe myself so I will try to take an objective look at the picture and attempt to do so.  I have spent years perfecting my blue steel gaze as evidenced in that picture.  It is obviously a facade as I am trembling in fear on the inside.  I am my best self around people that accept me for who I am at the core: a big pile of cheesy mush.  My gangsta name would be Mashed Potato.

Tina:  Tina has been such an inspiration.  I thought for sure she would be a screamer foreva with Patty and I, but she is one brave mama.  She is completely fearless and her laughter while tackling these out of the box adventures proves that she is a true “in the moment” warrior.  She is one of those friends that you call when you need to find calm in your life.  She really has surprised me. Her gangsta name would be The Shocker.

Kelly:  Kelly is mysterious and layered.  She is steady and calming.  I really would not be scared of walking dark alley ways with her.  She is one of the those people that would be able to calmly discuss with robbers and villians why they shouldn’t turn their guns on us sideways.  She also has great aim.  She was the one who hit me in the tooth!   When pelted in the head she was also the one that went right back in the trenches for more action. She is just awesome.  Her gangsta name would be The Onion. 

Heather:  Heather is one in a million.  She finds humor in everything.  She is no nonsense, inquisitive and witty.  There would not be a day spent with Heather where you wouldn’t hear the truth.  She has a way of standing up for herself and others in a way that is never intimidating.  There is nothing fake about her…she is no cubic zirconia.  Her gansta name would be Diamonds. 

To cap the adventure in a paragraph is always impossible. Instead, I will give you some paintball advice based on our experience today.  Getting capped in the tooth, finger, thigh, head, etc. hurts worse the “rubber band” analogy our instructor used.  No matter how awesome your teamates may be; yelling “cover me!” and running out into the open field in a red jacket will most likely result in multiple gun shot wounds.  If you run out of balls find Kat…she will have plenty to share.  When your balls need some shaking take them to Heather.  To save energy talk your team into letting the opposing team come to you.  Sorry, blue team.  Did you ever figure out that strategy of ours?  Obviously, it didn’t work anyway.  We never won a round.  And ALWAYS assume that our instructors may have been one of our former students. 

So, again today was full of laughter.  It just proves that even while getting pelted by flying balls of torture in the below freezing weather we are still an Army of Happy Giggling Soldiers.  Thank you, Heather, for such a fun adventure!  We missed you Lisa!!!   

Next up: February 26th Adventure planned by Maryhelen.  Dying to know what Tiny Bigs has planned for us!


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