Adventure #13-Tramping with Red Lipstick

Clues:  yoga pants, red lipstick, short sleeved shirts.

Guesses: Athletic ladies of the night, tattoos, botox party.

Actual Adventure: Tramping, french word for jumping on giant trampolines.

Who you calling a tramp? 

We fall for it every time.  A clue that is just there to confuse us.   The red lipstick had all us completely in the dark.  For once I didn’t google the clues beforehand.  But, I did this morning just for kicks.  I was surprised by how many blogs and articles have the words yoga pants and red lipstick in the same paragraph, but there are literally hundreds.  Finding out what we were doing from those clues would have been nearly impossible.

Unfortunately, Tracy still lives in Iowa?  or Kansas?  It really depends on if you ask Stacy or the rest of us.   Stacy has lived in Ft. Leavenworth after all, so I guess we should trust her and concede that it is Iowa.  And Suzy had a soccer tourney she couldn’t miss.  We really missed those two spunky Adventure Girls.

Speaking of Geography, I have to let everyone know that Heather is going to Hawaii soon and she has been to Hawaii before.  She will probably go to Hawaii every year for the rest of her life and we will continue to count the ways Heather brings this fact into conversation.  She will do this while climbing over everything and everyone with her enormously long, lean legs.

I am going to get straight to the adventure.  After realizing that we were not going to get poison injected into our face or ink zapped into our buttocks we were informed that we were going tramping.  We had no idea what to expect with this one.  When we walked into the joint there was a giant white board that listed all of the parties.

Party 1: Logan  Party   2: Brenna Party   3: Adventure Group Party  

This was our first clue that we might be of the older persuasion.  Second clue?  Our party room was equipped with paper plates for our pizza party.  I was laughing too hard to remember who said, “When does Chuck E. arrive?”

 After checking out our totally awesome party room we were escorted single file to the tramping area.  Along our route we saw scores of women that looked like us, but were sitting cross-legged on the floor texting away on their cell phones, while their children were bouncing away behind the giant walls.  I wonder what they thought seeing 8 grown women walking single file through parent alley to their bouncing doom?  My hope is that they will think twice next time and put on those nasty, tramping shoes and join their children.  Because…..


The place is jumping…hard…with a ton of pre-teens.  We started off slow and finally started to learn some tricks.  All of the walls are trampolines too so once you get up enough nerve you can bounce off the walls.

Like always, Kelly and Maryhelen picked it up quickly.  Look to the left, though, and you would have seen Patty and I laying on our backs laughing hysterically because we can’t get back up. We were reminiscing back to our first adventure of white water rafting where the two of us were stuck at the bottom of the raft unable to stop laughing long enough to get back up.  Thirteen adventures later and nothing has changed.

Lisa was unable to participate because of the “boot”, but she came anyway.  How wonderfully sweet is that?  She snapped all of these photos and managed to make us laugh with the moments she captured.

Here are my top 10 photographic moments!  Thank you Lisa!

Number 1:  Tina’s new profile picture.  How beautiful is this picture?  I love Tina.  She is so sweet, but dang, that girl is tough as nails underneath, as evidenced by the Glock Girl t-shirt she is wearing.

Number 2:  Party Room.  This is what had us rolling from the moment we walked in the door.  Definitely looks like a place 30-40 something gals should be on Saturday night, right?

Number 3:  Nasty Tramping shoes.  Here we are sporting them.  Notice how Heather is so far behind us, but her enormously long, lean legs are still front and center.

Number 4: Did someone say tattoo?  Yes, I was correct….kind of.  We did get our own tramp stamps.  They all match for fear of stranger danger. I kind of ruined the picture on account of my giant thumb covering up almost ALL of MH’s hand.  🙂

Number 5: Kelly the Onion strikes again and again.  There she is showing all of us how the wall climb trick is done.  I love her fearlessness.  Funny little tidbit:  Look in the background.  Witness little girl in pink pants.  Yeah, that was the median age.

Number 6: Stacy’s Money Shot.  Lisa shot at LEAST 80 photos trying to get Stacy in mid toe-touch.  FINALLY the camera flashed at the exact moment Stacy was in the air.  UNFORTUNATELY, pre-teen boy got in the way.

Number 7: Maryhelen’s Money Shot.  Look at this shot…I mean, really, is there anything in this world that MH doesn’t look perfect doing?  There was lots of behind the scenes laughter about this photo that I can’t share, but I can tell you to look in the background because it CRACKS me up.   Check out Patty to the left in blue.  Most likely she is calling out, “Be careful.”  And then check out Heather to the right.  She is jumping as high as MH…she is using those enormously long, lean legs to make sure she is in the shot.  I think she may also be thinking, “My legs are going to look fab in my bikini on the white, sandy beaches of Hawaii.”

Number 8: Tina’s Money Shot.   Again, awesome picture. She is so darn cute. But, again, please focus on the background.  Look at MH.  Why so mad, doll face?  And, you may not be able to tell, but Heather is coming FULL FORCE at me.  On the way, she said, “Catch me.”  If I recall correctly, I did not.  Shocker.  I look like I am barely hanging on myself.

Number 9 and 9.5: Kat’s fall from grace.  Unable to get myself out of the foam pit I happily received a helping hand from one of the referees.  By the looks of the picture it “appears” he received a small token of my appreciation.  Really, really not the best camera angle.  Picture 9.5 shows me falling right back in immediately after being brought to my feet and sweet referee running to my rescue again.

Number 10 and 10.5: Rock you like a Hurricane.  We decided to hit the hurricane machine after our tramping session.  That thing is no joke.  What I learned is that one should not open doors during hurricanes.  I also learned that if pizza comes to our party room during a hurricane Maryhelen will pound on the hurricane door for everyone to get out the darn thing. She really doesn’t care if you are being pounding by 80 mile an hour winds when she is hungry.  The girl needs to eat.


A few last things before I BOUNCE….(it’s funny.  You know it is….I heard only the sound of my own laughter the first time I said it.  But, it will get you.  Maybe a couple of hours from now, but you will laugh.)

Ok so here goes…

1) When receiving your tokens for the arcade ask for a pitcher of beer.  Something about it feels so wrong and so, so right.

2) When being pranked by pre-teen boys at Logan’s party, don’t take it personally.  His friends may have dared him to sneak into the “old ladies” party room, but we all know we are years away from acting our age.

3) We did finally settle the Iowa vs. Kansas dispute when I told Stacy that I, too, lived in Ft. Leavenworth at age three and it is 100% Kansas.  Small world, huh? I also shared my dream of being a talking baby later that night.  Could you imagine Stacy and I, babies in Kansas, being strolled by our mamas and we pass each other as stranger babies on the street.  We catch each others eye and I say to her “what up? In about 35 years you and I are going to be tramping together.”  In my dream, Baby Stacy turns to me and says, “Word.”

Seriously, not in my wildest, craziest dreams did I ever think I would get the chance to do all of the things I have done these past two years.  I think the others would have to agree.

Until next time when Kelly and I have a fabulous day planned for these crazy kids!


3 thoughts on “Adventure #13-Tramping with Red Lipstick

  1. AWESOME! I love all the shots, especially the beer and tokens 🙂 this is an adventure that even I would do!! Great job ladies

    • Oh my gosh! I needed those laughs today! Sooooo hilarious! I have to wonder how would I have done on those bouncy walls? Sheesh! Hope MH wasn’t on her _________ this time! he he he! (or anyone else for that matter!)
      Loved, loved, loved the blog Kat!

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