Adventure 17 – DC by Segway

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

How many times can you tell an Adventure Girl that we will be naked on an adventure and have her fall for it?  What number adventure are we are on? 17?  Ok, then 17 times.  This adventure was Tina’s choice and I know figuring out what to do was stressing her out.  In the end, she chose the Segway tour and I am so happy she did!  She thought the girls may think it was not adventurous enough, but I want to be clear on one thing.  If it is something that pulls us away from laundry and driving our children to sports practices, encourages us to take a moment to nurture our friendships by trying something new then that is all the adventure we need.  PLUS, Tina drove in DC….with Kat holding the GPS.  Adventure in itself.

Instructional Videos and Bathroom Breaks

Once again, we had to watch an instructional video that outlines all the ways you can die while on the adventure.  At least this time they used stick figures to show the many ways you could crack your head open.  This actually gave me great confidence.  Obviously, real people couldn’t fall off or they would have used actors to demonstrate, right?  But, my over-analyzing mind then took a sharp left turn.  What if they didn’t show REAL people because the results of the fall would be so graphic that you would ask for a refund and run like the wind?  So….when I get nervous I pee.   I walked into the bathroom and I caught the tail end of a conversation between two girls that would be joining our group.

Girl 1: In stall and I couldn’t hear what she said.

Girl 2:  Washing her hands says “Don’t be mean.”

It made me giggle because I was sure they were talking about us.  Here are some of things I thought Girl 1 may have said.  “Can those girls be any louder?”  “Can you believe we are going to have to spend 2 hours with those sorority girls?” “How many times is that girl with the black hair going to have to pee?”   In the end, I hope we won over the two Brooklyn Girls that were thrown into our madness.  And since they asked for our blog address I hope they comment on what was actually said before I walked in on their conversation.

Are you ladies ready? 

It was time for our hands on lesson.  Our guide, Julie, could not have been more patient and kind if she tried.  She reminded me so much of my dear, sweet Colleen Margiloff that I felt so at ease.  UNTIL, it was my turn.  One by one, my adventure girls stepped on their segways and one by one, they rocked it.  It definitely takes a little getting used to and I think it is a wonderful workout because of the sheer amount of butt-clenching.  As always, certain people shine when it comes to ability.  Tina, Maryhelen, Suzy, Heather.  And then there is Patty and Kat.  And actually I shouldn’t include Patty.  I am the only one that fell off during the training.

It was time to hit the streets.  After navigating our first ramp, we were off.  Because DC doesn’t allow segways on sidewalks we had to follow our fearless leader and “drive” alongside the DC traffic.  And Tina was nervous this wasn’t going to be adventurous enough.  You could probably guess who brought up the rear.  Patty and I were lagging behind and that proved to be a bit scary as we watched the crosswalk timer expire to its last few seconds while we were still attempting to cross the road.  Add to that our nervous laughter and it is a wonder we weren’t taken down by a Prius.

We continued on from monument to monument stopping at various locations to hear a story or two from Julie.  She is an excellent story teller.  My favorite was a stop at the Blair House where she told a story about Boris Yeltsin wanting to leave the quarters for an American Style Cheeseburger.  Apparently after a few two many vodkas he snuck out of the Blair House through a window to find a burger joint, but was quickly wrestled to the ground by secret service.  Kindly, they had the on-site chef make him one.  And it was also at that moment that we decided we were going to eat burgers for lunch.  We are always worried about the food.

We made it to the Lincoln Memorial and we were allowed to get off the segways for a closer look.  We were given 12 minutes.  This was the perfect moment for a few photo-ops.  Our Brooklyn girls were so kind to help us with our first one.  Isn’t our beloved city so beautiful?


But, then we wanted a photo with Lincoln in the background and “The Brooklyns” were nowhere to be found.  So we attempted to take a selfie. After a million tries we had Success!  Until we realized that we forgot to include ‘ol Abe.  Here is our “successful” pic.  Sometimes I wonder about us.  I think if Kelly had been here this wouldn’t have happened.


Finally, logic struck one of us and we looked around.  Realizing there were hundreds of people surrounding us we decided to ask one kind looking woman to take our photo.  Here is what using your brain looks like, folks.


Maryhelen. The only title needed for this paragraph.  You are already laughing, I know.

It was finally time to make the last 5 minute trek back to the office.  We hopped back on the segways one by one.   We were all kind of staying put when Maryhelen, looked back and said, “See ya, ladies” and took off!  We all had helmets on and she took off so fast that the bottom of her hair was flapping up from the bottom.  It is so hard to describe, but I can’t stop laughing at the visual. The way she looked back and shouted the see ya still has me in hysterics.  We all followed suit and started tooling around the courtyard area.  Julie, ever so patiently, asks us all if we are ready and to please make our way back to her.  She says the following, “I know we are at the point of our tour where you all feel like pros and you are!  But, this is also when most accidents happen.  Let’s be careful and make our way safely back to the office.”  A few minutes later Maryhelen pulls up next to us and says, “Do you think that convo was directed at me. I think it was, do you?”  Umm, yes, Mario we do.  I wish I had the take-off on video, but here is our big attempt at breaking the rules with Maryhelen.    You can hear Julie’s sweet voice at the end telling us to gather around.  LOL.

What a great day!  We ended it with a trip to BTS.  A great burger joint recommended by Julie.  Boris would have loved it.  There were vodka-infused milk shakes on the menu.  Also, while eating we were reminded of how much we are needed at home.  One by one, we received calls and texts from home with our men needing our help.  The calls ranged from, “I was supposed to be home for daughter at what time? Oops” to “I need you to take a gander at my head when you get home.  I accidentally hit it with an ax.”  I am NOT kidding.  I love our guys.  Thanks for holding down the fort for us while we are away….kind of.

Here we are, including our Brooklyn girls, with our segways.  They were all named by the way, Crazy Eddie, Blackjack, Scareforce One, etc.  I miss those guys.  Acting like tourists is so much more fun while traveling 12 miles an hour.  THANK YOU, Tina and City Segway tours!!!  Visit them and ask for Julie.  You won’t be disappointed.


A few more pictures of the day!  I love living near DC.  It is so much fun.

Thanks to Our Brooklyn Girls!

Thanks to Our Brooklyn Girls!

Beautiful Washington Monument

Beautiful Washington Monument




2 thoughts on “Adventure 17 – DC by Segway

  1. Ladies! Such a pleasure to meet you yesterday and delighted to be included in your blog post. Looks like you guys had as much fun as we did!

    Here is what actually transpired in the bathroom:
    Jen: I can’t believe the guide had to tell you your helmet was on BACKWARDS.
    Susan: This does not bode well for me on a segway if I can’t even figure out the helmet.
    Susan: Don’t be so mean!

    Ha! Totally not about you guys all!

    Looking forward to reading more about your adventures – and getting inspired for more of our own!
    Susan (Brooklyn Girl 1) 🙂

  2. Yay! We made the blog! It was so great to meet you ladies. I don’t know about Susan, but I felt much cooler on my Segway knowing we were in the company of such bad ass chicks!

    Glad Susan cleared up our bathroom conversation. Julie had sweetly told Susan her helmet was on backwards before the stick figure safety video started and making fun of her was the best way for me to not focus on my feelings of impending Segway doom, haha.

    Good luck on your next adventure; can’t wait to read about it.

    Brooklyn Girl 2

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