Adventure #18 – Paddleboarding on the Pohick Bay


This has never happened.  I forgot to write the blog post after our latest adventure.  It was several weeks ago and it occurred to me this weekend when I was planning on meeting up with the girls for The Onion’s (Adventure Girl Kelly) baby shower.  Here is the bad news.  I have short term memory and I forgot all of the fun details.  Here’s the good news. Suzy sat with me at the shower and reminded me of the hilariousness!  Back to the bad news. As I sit here another 24 hours have passed and I forgot it all again.  Well, shoot.  I don’t really know what to do. I will give it a go with what I do remember.  Suzy (our fearless planner) came in jean shorts and a tank top and I laughed in her face when she told us what we would be doing.  My husband and I had “attempted” paddleboarding at the lake last year.  We both failed. Miserably.  I mean, we couldn’t even get UP, miserably.  The laughter made things worse.  Our two youngsters jumping on and paddling into the sunset made it so hysterical that we grabbed a cocktail and vowed to never try it again.  So, when Suzy said, ” I wore regular clothes because I can’t imagine we will fall in”,  I laughed hard.   More good news.  Suzy didn’t fall.  Heather didn’t fall.  Stacy didn’t fall.  Patty didn’t fall.  Lisa didn’t fall….and drumroll….I didn’t fall. Well, not that hard anyway.  No one really saw my fall so really, did it actually happen?  We paddled around the lake for a couple of hours and really enjoyed the beautiful day.  We, of course, went out to eat after and spent some time going around the table and catching up.  So many big things are happening for the girls.  Heather and Suzy both have new jobs and Lisa is moving.  I have plans to ruin all open houses because I can’t imagine her moving away from us.  Oh, I almost forgot!  Patty’s son won  the Arlington Little League World Series Game  this summer.

Wait!  Something else just popped into my head about the adventure! Whew.  I am getting old, people.  At one point my board veered into some dangerous territory and dear, sweet Heather started to paddle over to save me. I told her to save herself, but she kept on paddling over to help me out.  There were trees sticking out of the water, I am sure a few snakes and like always, I was confused and nervous.   Here is the great thing and I may cry while writing this, but I am never truly scared of anything we do anymore. I am always nervous but, I trust these girls with my life.  I trust these girls with my secret fears and I am so overwhelmed with their unconditional friendship.  My hope is that everyone that reads this has a friend or two that listens without judgment, laughs easily at your flaws until they somehow start to seem endearing and above all are kind.  Kind to one another, kind to others and kind to waitresses that don’t seem to give a flying fig about our adventure group.  I promise that I will not forget to write after our October adventure and it will be a better recap than this one.  Stacy and Heather are up and I think it is going to be super fun, folks.  Can’t wait.

As always, we missed the missing.  Here is to a wonderful fall for all of you!  Here we are on our boards.

PS.  Our adventure “guides” were young and cute.  They always are.

PS Dos. I do not know why my swim shorts are unbuttoned.  Did I forget to button them?  Based on recent events it seems likely.








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