Adventure #22 – Mixology 102, not 101. 102. We are that good.

photo 4

FINALLY my turn again to choose the adventure.  I was so excited to plan a fun day for the girls.  As a group this has been a heartbreaking few months.  We have lost several beautiful people to cancer this year.  I had planned to include the amazing Emily on this adventure, but sadly she passed away just a couple of weeks prior on March 1.  Emily was a Kappa Delta at VA Tech with my biological sister, Theresa.  She was diagnosed with brain cancer a couple of years ago and had been fighting courageously from the start.  She started blogging about her journey and started a “to-see” list to conquer before the cancer took her sight. All the while she began educating others and raising so much money for research.  I noticed that snow-tubing was on her “to-see” list so I reached out to ask her if the Adventure Girls could help her check that one off.  We began planning the adventure and emailing one another.  It became clear last month that Emily would not be able to join us.    A group of KD’s, myself included, began calling nightly (at her request) to pray with her and sing her a KD lullaby.  I was once again reminded of the frailty of life and the importance of friendship. She inspired us to continue living life to the fullest.  She touched all of our lives.  Here she is with a suggestion for all of us.  You can also read more about Emily at

Emily also wrote something that stuck with me and I thought I would share. “Recently, two people have commented on all the fun I’m having on FB and in pictures. First, happy to trade – really, dying and relying on your parents, is not “fun.” I’m just doing what I would encourage you all to be doing: live. Just live every day to YOUR fullest. In fact, because both your hands work and you haven’t fallen three times in two days due to balance issues, YOU should be having more fun. If you’re not; you’re doing it wrong. If you hate something in your life – change it.”

So with that, and I am sure my Adventure Girls will agree with me, will continue to change the things in our lives that do not make us and our loved ones truly happy.   We are determined to heed her advice and live each day to our fullest and to make each day FUN.  And this particular day, at a beautiful little restaurant in Rockville named Quench, we did just that.

As the date of our adventure approached I started to get nervous, as I always do, that it was not going to be exciting enough.  But, I knew a break from yoga pants and sneakers would be appreciated.  We met at Tysons and after Maryhelen slathered lemon butter all over my cuticles we all drove to Rockville together.  We caught up on the way over.  Laughing and supporting one another.  Life is so good.

When we arrived we were told to sit at the bar and the bar manager would be over shortly.  There were drink menus placed in front of us and we were so excited to find out what we would be learning to make.  Here is the menu and what it looked like AFTER the adventure.


One of our gals took meticulous notes.  I, on the other hand, watched, whispered with my friends and drank.  I drank every last thing that was placed before me.  Matt, the bar manager, was extremely patient with us.  We aren’t exactly quiet, active listeners.  Everything he mixed was delicious.  My favorite was the Back Porch.  One sip and I knew that it was correctly named.  That was not a drink you would want to sip on the front porch.  You could, but you would be the talk of the neighborhood before a refill. Here is Matt garnishing The Back Porch!


After the class we were brought behind the bar in groups of two to make our own signature drinks.  First up were Team Super Hot Sisters.  (Maryhelen and her sister)  Happy Birthday, Colleen!  I can’t describe how seriously they took this task so I will just show a video.

This is Mixology for serious students only, folks.  🙂   We had to name and present our drinks to the group and at the end Matt would vote on the best one.  Team Super Hot Sisters named their drink The Beach.  The name killed us.  It was so original and left us excited to try the suntan lotion in a glass.  Maryhelen “fed” all of us our drinks from a straw.  Two points for them.  It was YUMMY!


Next up was Team We Don’t Know What We Are Doing. Ever. (myself and Patty.)   Our idea was to make it St. Patty’s Day themed.  We went with rum as our base and then added the mint bitters for color and taste.  I gave it a taste to see if we needed more bitters before proceeding.  Holy crap.  It was awful.  It was like Listerine on steroids.  So we added a lot of vanilla syrup and sprite.  Convinced it still needed a little something we added a little lime juice and garnished it with mint at Matt’s suggestion.  We chose the Das Boot glasses because they looked like leprechaun boots.  Our drink sat looking sadly full for over an hour.  Not sure it was a fav. LOL.


Here we are serving our Naked Leprechaun!  At least our drink had style and a pretty cool name.

Last up was Team We Excel At Everything We Do in Life. (Tina and Suzy)  It seemed like it was moments before they were shaking and serving.  They made a delicious mojito type drink that we all LOVED.  Here they are shaking it up.

Crack me up, those two.  I just had to text Tina to remind me of their drink name. The Mint Krain.  It is so funny because at this point of the adventure a few of us were having major difficulties remembering anything at all.  I think their drink name changed 5 times before it made its way to our bar top.


We insisted that Matt give us a winner.  He let us know that The Naked Leprechaun won for presentation and The  Mint Krain won for taste.  The Beach didn’t win any awards, but I now make my husband walk around and “feed” me my drinks with a straw.  Such service.  Here are our three signature drinks.  Aren’t they professional looking?


At the end Matt asked if we would like to take a shot of tequila with him.  Umm, are leprechauns naked and taste of mouthwash? Of course we do!  He rimmed the glass with cinnamon sugar and garnished with a slice of orange.  If you haven’t tried this PLEASE do!  It was so good.

Thank you, Matt for teaching us the basics of Mixology.  We learned we will leave it to the professionals.  Your drinks were out of this world.  Such talent and patience.  Thank you to the chef for the amazing appetizers, too.  We will be back soon!

 PS. We had sober drivers and we ate burgers before heading home.

One last thing, on the way home Tina told us about a great new product that keeps your hair looking fresh while working out, but she couldn’t remember the name so we asked Siri.  What I said was, “product to help keep hair looking good while sweating.”  This is what she thought I said.  Reason:  We talk all at once most of the time and this was 4 convos going on at once.  Poor Siri.

photo 5

photo 3

Until next time….Live Life to YOUR fullest!


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