Adventure #23 – Fishy Pedicures


***I was unable to make this adventure.  Only my second miss in 23 adventures!  So, I let the girls know they were in charge of the blog this time.  Suzy did a fantastic job on the blog below!  Until next time…my little fishies. Love, Kat  ****

It was my turn to plan our adventure!  I was biting my nails as this would be our 22nd or 23rd?   It’s a tough challenge as we have experienced so much and all of us who “host” only hope that the girls haven’t experienced what we’re planning.  When I heard that our numbers were dwindling I decided I needed to go for it- FISHY PEDICURES!  Of course I was sad to hear of all of the conflicts keeping our girls busy and unable to attend.  But, it’s a wonderful thing to be so busy with first communions, races, games and family events.  I thought that four of us would be a perfect number for this adventure.

So, as we all do, I tried to throw everyone off.  I told them to wear their workout stuff and running shoes.  My plan was to bring everyone my all time favorite shoes for this event.  FLIP FLOPS!  So off to Wal- Mart I went to purchase some fun sparkly-cheetah flip flops.

When we showed up at the meeting spot, Safeway- across from Y’vonne’s salon in Alexandria, I was so happy to hear all of the guesses about what we’re doing.  Patty has the best expressions on her face as she guesses, “tattoos” or “brazillian” waxes.   Tina and Maryhelen giggled when I did the big reveal and passed out the flops.

I think I called Yvonne about a dozen times with questions and concerns about this event.  “How many girls can sit together?” “What food spots are close by?” Poor lady.  But, my favorite conversation with her was the one the night before the adventure.  I called after they’d closed and she answered cheerily anyway.  I mentioned that I’d seen a groupon deal and wanted to know if I could get the same deal for us.  Without hesitation she agreed and was extremely pleasant.

When we arrived at the salon we were greeted with a very warm welcome.   Of course we all had questions and were a bit loud and excited.  There were 3 fishy pedicure chairs available so we decided to split into pairs so we could chit chat.  Maryhelen opted for a manicure first, so off she went while Patty and I jumped in the chairs.   Patty was hilarious!  Some of my favorite quotes from Patty, “This is my kind of adventure!” as she cranks up the massage chair and “the fish are only going after my right foot”.   My fish were busy little guys, they certainly did a good job.

When it was time for Maryhelen and Tina, Patty and I switched to the other pedicure chairs.  Holy moly were those chairs nice.  Patty and I had a blast talking about our dogs (yes, we’re those kind of dog people) and laughing at Maryhelen and Tina.  Tina got the fishy pedicure seat that had been empty for a bit.  Her fish were like Piranhas.  They were jumping out of the water for a bite of her feet.  Maryhelen called out that Tina was holding her feet above the water and pushed her feet down.  Maryhelen  loved that one of the employees had nail polish that changes color- doesn’t take much to excite usJ

After our pedicures we went next door to eat Mexican food.  We loved the authentic appeal of this little restaurant.  Unfortunately, they didn’t sell margaritas.   But, we really didn’t even need one to cap off this great experience.  It’s a great thing when the conversation just rolls from topic to topic.  No holding back, no judgement and just good ole belly laughs.  Some of the best laughs came when we discussed the blog.  Our fearless leader Kat wasn’t with us so how could we ask her?  We all pulled the look down trick.  You know the one that everyone tries at a PTO meeting when they’re asking for a volunteer for some extremely time consuming task.  Reluctantly I agreed to try to fill Kat’s big shoes: Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.-Marcel Proust.

By Suzy Houtz



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