Adventure #26 – Blood and Guts Zombie 5K

We let them in.  We let them all in.  I am not talking about the zombies.  We ran like cheetahs to escape those creepy slow walkers.  I am talking about the whole famdamily!  We finally found an adventure that we thought would be fun for all of the Adventure Girl families.  What could be more good, clean family fun than running through blood and guts and running from terrifying zombies?  Ok, I guess there are a lot of things that would be less shocking, but we had to make them sweat a little.  We wanted them to feel the whole Adventure Girl experience.

Number 26 was a bit different than past adventures, though.  First of all, this is the first one where the planners (Maryhelen and Tina) had to tell the group what we would be doing so we could register and train.  I had every intention of following the “Couch to 5K” plan you see online. And I did.  It was just tweaked a bit.  I got up from my couch on Saturday morning and went to the 5K.  Couch to 5K. Check.  And now I am sitting on my couch sore as the day is long thinking I should have actually printed out the directions instead of just pinning it to my “One Day” board on Pinterest.  To my friends who ran the Marine Corp Marathon on Sunday…I tip my hat.  Ouch.  Rephrase: I will tip my hat next week when I can raise my arms again.

We met up at 8:30 AM to fill out those blessed waivers and get our race bibs.  It was so fun to have the kids meet and see one another again.  They all grow up so fast and are such great kids.  We are all truly fortunate.  Here we all are before the race.

The Adventure Girls and their Families

The Adventure Girls and their Families

I turned to the Hots family.  Did I say Hots?  I meant Hotz and let them know that I was the athletic one of the group.  “I have an abundance of upper body strength and high oxygen levels in these lungs of mine.”  Oh, Sam (MH’s hubby) how I love thee.  He said, “Really?  That is great.”  That man is such a graceful liar.  I think I heard the sounds of George (Tina’s husband and my brotha from another motha) saying, “shhooot.”  followed by laughter, followed up with a high five from my husband.  They have to deal with me daily so honesty is standard issue.   Actually, they weren’t near us.  But, if they had been it would have gone down like that.   We all need two types of people in our lives.   Honest, straight shooters and little white liars.  I think I have found the latter in Sam.  I mean look at my sunglasses.  Do they scream ATHLETIC?  More like, “where is my latte?”

We decided to jump in with the first wave because we were early and I am so happy we did.  That made my late finish line cross less apparent.  Of course, Jason started out like the beast he is and I swear the Zombies were even like, “ummm….I think I will just step aside.”  Underneath those muscles and manly facial hair lies a gentleman heart and he waited for Suzy at the first obstacle. Here he is in BEAST MODE!

Brian (Heather’s husband) and I started together and even though we promised each other we would walk together peer pressure took over and we jogged with our families.  It had rained pretty consistently the week leading up to the race so mud was in FULL force.  G (Tina and George’s son) had a big bike race the next day so he opted out of the race and was our class act photographer. I am so thankful he captured this ridiculously attractive shot of me climbing over the wall. I thank God everyday for my grace. HA!    He did it all while holding on to Tina’s floral purse.  He’s so awesome! Here are some great race shots taken by G-Money!

photo 2

file file9 file10  file13 file14 file15 file16 file17 file19 file20 file21 file22 photo 1

The obstacles were fun and challenging.  One rock wall was so slippery that it was nearly impossible to climb up.  My agile daughter made it up like a champ and then I gave it a go.  I won’t get into specifics, but I will say the helper at the top saw some bra action and my knee took a beating.

Finally, we were rewarded after a great 5K running from zombies and laughing with our families with these beauties! We sucked them down as MH couldn’t stop talking about Lester. (Our guide from repelling). That girl loves a bloody Mary and she sure does love a man who can find things.

The kids had a great time bonding over Can Jam and chicken Legs and I am not surprised that they all had a blast together.





I think I will come up with Adventure Kids nicknames and the next time they join us they will have to refer to one another as such. What troopers to be putting up with our crazy stories for so many years. Last, but not least I filmed the kids and husbands describing their moms/wives. The only hubby not featured is Brian (Heathers man) as he left right from our race to a Brazilian jiu-jitsu competition. I mean, really, how cool are these men? We are some lucky girls.

***I promise to never again wait this long to write and post the blog. I have forgotten half of what happened that day. Judging by my husbands attempts to describe me that day I guess that might be a good thing.***
Also, remember that life is about that muddy, sometimes terrifying trek and not the finish line. Enjoy it!

Brokedown, Finiliquie, hard-core Kat


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