Adventures #27, #28, #29, and #30- Clay, Balls, Malls and Holmes

Well, this is embarrassing.  I have not written this blog in over a year and I have missed telling our little adventure world about 4 amazing adventures.  I think everyone has a year when things just rush by.  This past year or two has brought quite a bit of change to our tribe of 10.  We have had to deal with struggles that we never hoped we would.  There have been funerals, divorce, moves, lay-offs and job changes.  All of this rocked our world and I will be the first to admit I kind of lost my mojo when it came to writing.  Sometimes when we try to understand change we need quiet and patience.

It is never our job to “fix” things, but oh my how we will try.  Loved ones will walk the path of chemotherapy and it is our job to just love them in whatever way it makes sense.  If they need to let go and move on to life everlasting we must let go with love and leave the bitterness of the end behind.  If a couple decides they are no longer happy and make the heartbreaking, but personal decision, to part ways it is not our job to tell them to give it another go.  But, we will.  We all want to believe that we have the power to change these things.  Ultimately, everyone will need to work through these things on their own time and in the end, love will always take center stage.  The sun shines again and every struggle and self-realization becomes a starting block for deeper relationships and understanding.  I have learned a lot about myself this past year and I have some things to work on and I also have a lot to be proud of, too!

So, here we are a year later and still strong, still a bit on the side of loopy and still together.  I don’t think anything will ever break up the band. I picture us at 80 sitting with our calendars plotting and planning an adventure that won’t break a hip, but still challenge us.

Because I know most of us don’t have the attention span to read 4 complete blog posts in one sitting I am going to capture each one that I missed in just a few paragraphs!

Adventure #27-Clay spinning in Old Town Manassas

Suzy is quite the creative one.  Her home is proof of her genius decorating skills and love for art.  She brought us to a pottery on the wheel class and it was so sweet and the low-key nature of sitting around making things together was much needed.  Lisa had moved to Wilmington, NC and we missed her terribly.  We invited her sister to join us and we had a blast with her. I hope one day she will join us again!  Lisa, we also pray that you come to the realization that you miss DC traffic and come home to us!  Your dry humor is missed so much. So, to sum up this adventure is one sentence:  When Kat puts clay on the wheel it will end up everywhere but the wheel and when everyone else does, it turns into a masterpiece.  If you are surprised you are new to this place. Also, what would an adventure be without Maryhelen making us laugh.  “Oh my love, my darling, I hunger for your love….” There is a video circling of the Ghost re-enactment somewhere…Because it has been a year I could only find one photo of our day and it only includes a couple of us.  Will update with more if able to find.




Adventure #28 – Foot Golf

Heather and Stacy planned a fun adventure of Foot Golf!  Not only did we each get sweet purple golf shirts, but I FINALLY came in 2nd in something.



I will not say I excelled at Foot Golf, but I will say I didn’t completely blow it. It will come as no surprise that Suzy came in 1st.  She even knew how to check for wind placement.


Foot Golf requires you to play golf with a soccer ball.  Next to each tiny golf hole is a bigger hole designed to fit a soccer ball.  There are a million jokes to be told here, which I know were muttered throughout our day, but we are classy ladies and classy ladies refrain from telling crass jokes in a public forum.

Here we are at the end.  I don’t know why I caress people when we are taking photos.  It must be some sort of nervous tick.  I do know the group of guys behind us may have been amused by us or they may have annoyed.  I can’t imagine why?


Adventure #29 – Scavenger Hunt for Charity

It was December and Heather and Stacy planned a fun day of scavenging for us!  If we completed 10 things on their list the money we brought with us for the adventure would be going straight to the local food pantry.  The tasks at hand went from easy – count how many restaurants are in the food court to the utterly embarrassing – try on the most ridiculous prom dresses you can find and take a picture.  Rather than go any further with written explanation here are some fun pictures from our day!



The PLANNERS (aka the girls that didn’t have to embarrass themselves at the mall)


Cover one girl in a pile of stuffed animals.


We had to make a commercial for a store in the mall. We chose Victorias Secret.  We ended it with a KD photo op when we realized that the DZ’s were the ones who planned this craziness. Although MH is wondering why those two aren’t in the picture.  We are all KD’s right?


Asking for condiments at 10AM.


PROM DRESS time.  We looked ridiculous.



We did it!  A lot of cash to feed the homeless this winter.


Picturing Stacy and Heather plotting  to attempt to embarrass us makes me laugh.  We have been through so many moments and nothing has quite broken us yet. We will always prevail scathed, but never down for the count.

Adventure #30 – The Escape Room

Our mission for this adventure, planned by our very own super sleuth Spunky Tate, was to escape the room with all the info we needed to save Sherlock Holmes from certain death.  All we needed to do was uncover the clues that led us to who kidnapped him and where he was being held.  We had one hour in one locked room.  We’ve got this!

Before we got started we were given a list of things not to do.  Here is a picture of the list that we all know would be completely ignored and thought of as a challenge instead.


Don’t lift the carpet, don’t climb on walls, don’t lift furniture and remember there may be a red herring.


Oh, the red herring.  We thought our first clue that led us to a briefcase was our first red herring.  We gave up on it after spending 15 minutes trying to open up.  It must be a red herring, right?  Wrong.   Our game host was watching us and most likely laughing with her co-workers from another room over a hidden camera.  She rang our room and helped us solve the briefcase passcode because, “there would be no way to move on without what is inside.” Oops.  It was at this point I officially became the adventure photographer.  I was the one that convinced the group that this was indeed a red herring. Once you have lost all credibility with your fellow spies you must gracefully take pictures and document how each person will suffer the same fate.  That is all, but one of us.  Hmmm….who could that end up being? Here is a quick timeline of our hilarious time in the Save Sherlock room.


The briefcase that IS actually important.


Trying to figure out the map. Incorrectly.


Because we were at a loss we asked for a clue.


And another.


Standing at the wall of clues and coming up with a strategy. An incorrect strategy.


Still positive we will solve this with 49 seconds left.  Incorrect.


Ok, so we didn’t end up solving the case. But, Patty prevailed as the ONLY one to come up with a clue without asking for help.  She saved face for the lot of us.  Speaking of faces.  Tracy decided it would be a great idea to get a laser treatment on her face 2 days prior to this adventure. In typical fashion nothing kept her from us.  Including pain and puffiness.  Here she is trying to hide behind a magnifying glass.  Ummm….this is why we didn’t solve the room.  Definition of magnifying glass:  It magnifies objects.


I can’t.

Here are the rest of us as absolutely the worst spies in history.  But, to give us a bit of a boost the event host did let us know she gave us the hardest room.  Truly. She did say that.


Tina getting ready to write clues on the whiteboard that would further confuse us.


Reese Witherspoon in disguise as Stacy.


Cutest little spy eva!


Maryhelen with her notebook that only confused us further.


Carefully avoiding putting this over my brows.  We don’t need to see those super-sized.


Patty.  The only intelligent one today.  And always the one who is funny without realizing how funny she truly is to us.

After walking out with our heads bowed in shame we were given the opportunity to choose some costumes and take a fun group picture.  Once again we weren’t thinking clearly and instead of coming up with a theme we grabbed the most random items and snapped the pic.  But, that is us in a nutshell. Random and Grabby.


One last thing.  Stacy parallel parking is a pure adrenaline rush

So, here we are 30 adventures later.  I could not imagine life without these women.  We miss our dear Lisa and Kelly who are both so far away from us and hope we will be reunited at our next adventure.  We are thrilled that Tracy’s husband got stationed in DC again.  We have missed learning big words and are already feeling smarter upon her return.

I recently found our first Adventure Girls calendar and was struck by how awesome we thought we were that we had 12 full adventures to document in a calendar.  Can you even believe that we have more than doubled that number and have spent the past 6 years and THIRTY adventures challenging one another, laughing until we thought we would pass out and learning how to step up our friendship game.

Here is to 2016 and beyond.  I leave you with a reenactment picture of our very first adventure.  May we always remember the thrill of being the Gigglers and the Screamers!



2 thoughts on “Adventures #27, #28, #29, and #30- Clay, Balls, Malls and Holmes

  1. I have really missed reading about your adventures. I know that you all have a great time and please keep posting about what you do.

  2. I love you guys!!! Wish I could join but I am the gal in her 70,’s with the calendar on my lap making plans. This is so great, don’t ever stop.

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