Adventures 31 and 32-Flying High and Come on Down!


Adventure 31- IFLY Indoor Skydiving

Maryhelen was in charge of planning Adventure 31 and she didn’t disappoint.  The Adventure Girls are back in action in a big way having spent two consecutive months together.  Our first adventure this spring was to IFLY in One Loudoun.

After arriving at the IFly facility,  we took our seats in the teaching room and once again we were nervous.  The “teaching” room should be renamed the “Way to Freak the Adventure Girls Out” room. You would think we would be used to the death waivers and Don’t Do lists by now, but we still look at each other and nervous giggle EVERY SINGLE TIME!

We were outfitted in our sweet jumpsuits and after Patty pulled out her lice detractor, aka as Patty’s head-cap that she wears for every helmet adventure, we slipped on our helmets.  Later we would find out that the holes were not to let air escape, but rather they were there to make each of us look like we were getting an 80’s frosting job at the salon.  After flying in the tunnel you stepped out looking like this:


I nearly fell over laughing as each Adventure Girl left the tunnel, especially Heather. I still laugh when I think of her.  I so wish we were allowed to bring in cameras.  The memory will just have to live on in the picture above.

One by one we were brought into the tunnel and told to smile.  It was nearly impossible not to smile and even more difficult to stop as the wind would freeze your face for the 4 minutes you were in the tunnel.  Evidenced in this photo of me.

iflykatBack arched. check. Hands stretched out. Check. Smile. Check. If you look closely you can see the start of one hair peeking out on top.

I was first up and one by one the girls made their way in and rocked it.  Stacy was last so I was sitting next to her and she let me know she was a little nervous. It always surprises me when Stacy is anything but Full-On mode.  It reminded me why we started this group.  6 years ago when I invited everyone to dinner I explained that we were to fully support one another while stepping out of our neat little boxes.  <<<<<< don’t laugh.  Ok, laugh.  I did.  If you didn’t laugh, you will later today when it hits ya. So I was thankful that I was able to return the favor to Stacy that is usually offered to me.  “You can do this, it is so fun. Nothing to worry about. You got this!”

We had the option for the Fly Higher plan.  Only a few of the girls took the instructor up on it.  Take a guess…..

Yes, you are right.  Tracy, Maryhelen and MH’s sister (always so fun when she joins us).

Here is a video of Tracy. About 45 seconds in you will see her take her a high flight! So fun.


As I was uploading the photos I started to crack up at this photo.  I completely forgot how confused I was about the ear plugs.  Each time they would fall out Tina would explain to me how to put them back in.  I think it was, “at an angle and push”.  Like so many other body parts my ear canal is not normal. Think Lung and thumb.  I finally decided I would deal with the wind noise. Here I am struggling while my girls are looking adorable and hilarious with their perfect ear canals.


Thank you MH for a perfect day that ended with a fun lunch at Matchbox.  One more crazy adventure checked off our bucket list!

Adventure #32- Come on Down!  Price is Right in West Virginia

Oh, how we love West Virginia.  We have been there for quite a few of our adventures.   Suzy and I were the planners for this one and we had SIX ideas for this, our 32nd Adventure!  Can you believe that just 2 of us still have 6 new ideas for killer adventures.  I hope these girls are ready for 50 more years together.

We finally decided on one and once again the girls would be wearing yoga pants…..UNTIL Kevin and I were driving home from baseball practice and  heard the words, “Price is Right is coming to you”.  I had Kevin google it for me and asked him what day they would be near us and he said June 4th!  That was our Adventure Date and I just knew Suzy would say SCRAP the one we had planned and get us tickets to the show.  I am so happy we did because it was one of our favorite days together.  Before we even met up we were cracking up.  We had a group text going and accidentally added a stranger to it.  She must have thought we were crazy.


LOL.  “No worries, everyone makes mistakes.”  I love MeMe and her understanding vibe.

We met at Panera in Leesburg and Kelly swears that she saw this guy while there.  I am sad we didn’t stalk him for a picture even though I still am not sure who he is anyway.


Here is a short video of me showing the girls our fancy new t-shirts that let them know where we would be adventuring that day.  I am currently looking for a school that teaches me how to talk without using my hands. This is eye-opening for me, people.  My name is Kat Holroyd and I am a hand-talker.  I would like to make amends to anyone I have accidentally injured while I am telling a story.


Here are some pics of our new shirts that Suzy and I had made.  They list ALL of the adventures thus far.

IMG_2610 (2)IMG_2611


On our drive there we decided to stop at Old Lucketts Store.  While there, dear Maryhelen wavered back and forth about buying a Laundry Sucks sign.  She called her husband and had him measure the laundry room, consulted with each one of us, prayed on it (ha, not really, but really) and finally decided against it.  Have I told you lately how much I love the different personalities of the girls?  If Heather, Lisa and Tracy had been able to join us (we missed you guys) they would have just grabbed her credit card and bought the darn thing.  They are focused and just do it girls.  I think I know what we will buy MH for Christmas.  Here we are on our quick pit stop. Notice Maryhelen is absent from the photo.  She is at the church across the street consulting about the sign.


We finally made it to West Virginia!  We had a fine dining experience in the food court of the Hollywood casino and then made our way to the show.  But, first let a few of us buy a Price is Right trucker hat.


The show was amazing.  We were treated to an afternoon of witty insults by our Price is Right host, Todd Newton,  that made us uncomfortable at first. Very quickly we realized that two-thirds of the audience could barely stand on their own due to mass amounts of gambling and booze, that we just sat back and enjoyed the comedy.  We were this close to having him approach our group to talk to us when out of the blue a lady literally jumps out of her seat and wraps her body around him.  Rather than have security escort her out, he brought her to the front for a kissing selfie with him.  What a gentleman.  Here he is in all of his tanned glory.


Here are some of the things we heard throughout our Price is Right day!

“Why are you holding your keys? Are your jeans too tight to keep them in your pocket?” -Todd Newton to contestant

“I really wanted to play plinko? I don’t need a washing machine!” -contestant to Todd Newton.  To which Todd replied, “I am so happy we are playing a game you don’t like for a prize you don’t want.”

Are you drunk? Just how drunk are you? You smell like a brewery. -host to Tina.  JUST KIDDING.  host to contestant.

“Are you going to buy a hat? I am going to buy a hat.”  -Stacy to all us.  See, she is also a go-getter.  MH was still thinking about the sign.

“Mommy’s pumping”-Kelly to all us from the back of the van AND Kelly’s son to me at Panera.  Dedicated mama right there.

“I need a shower. A lot of people smoke here.”-ALL OF US

Even though, we didn’t get called up to the stage we had a blast hanging out in our rock star seating-Row pretty much Z. In my eyes, you are all winners and I am so thankful I get to do life with you.  You can’t possibly put a price on that.






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